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I spend time before each session getting to know each client and to get a feel for what would like help with, and what they would like to have more of in their lives. It's ok if someone is not sure what they are in for, and would just like to see what comes up during the session. Every session is different based on the need of the client. The treatments are full of loving healing energy and it is common to finish the treatment feeling rested and wonderful. Sometimes when there are deep seeded issues there is the possibility of feeling a bit worse off for a short amount of time. This is not a bad thing and it is your body simply "detoxing", so if you feel like there will be a lot to work on it may be best  to have the session on a day when you can take it easy. When there is a lot to work on it may be a good idea to plan another session within the next week or two to help with balancing the energy, but I won't pressure you into returning, you will know on some level when returning will benefit you.

Many issues will most likely be resolved during the first session, but may require subsequent treatments depending on the issue. It is also helpful to stay hydrated with water before and after treatments. Also, keep in mind that it is the clients energy that dictates the direction of the session. We may begin the session with a physical pain issue but it may be an emotional issue that is at the root cause of the pain and the energy will direct what is to be worked on.

I'm so excited and honored to assist you in your healing journey! 


How Reiki and other modalities of energy work can Help You

Reiki as well as the other forms of energy work I do is done with a light touch and can be no touch, and also done at a distance.


By keeping energy flowing properly and avoiding blocks in energy flow most illness can be prevented. The work is gentle, promotes stress reduction and creates deep relaxation. 


See the Difference

 I have always felt a calling to help people in an intuitive way, and have been doing guided energy work for over 23 years. Incorporating Reiki at the Master level in addition to my experience with guided and Pranic Healing energy work, Light Weaving, and now working with Quantum Reiki and Ho'oponopono is taking everything to a whole new level! The incredible effects of Reiki has helped me stay grounded through the most intense and difficult of times, and has helped me heal in the areas I thought might never be healed.  It is my joy and pleasure to work in an intuitive and guided way, based on the need of the client, to assist them in releasing negative or stuck energies and help people open up to many of the incredible things that life has to offer once they begin their path to healing on all levels, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually and at their own pace.



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